Event Submissions

To ensure a smooth implementation of your project, iDeal Displays take responsibility to liaise with event organisers, submit stand designs for organiser approval, provide the statement of works, risk assessment, Liability Insurance and Health & Safety standards. Effective 6th April 2015, new legislation has been imposed upon the Event & Exhibitions sector resulting in further stringent Health & Safety compliance and more comprehensive submissions. This is all managed on your behalf by the professional team at iDeal Displays.

Transportation arrangements

With commitment provided, a size/ weight assessment is produced, this, along with a venue accessibility assessment are used to determine the vehicles required. Transportation arrangements are booked as far in advance as is possible ensuring that all equipment and resources are where they need to be.


iDeal Displays collate and deliver custom artwork as defined within the stand design concept and deliver vectored artwork and graphics. Graphic and media specifications are defined in the print manual and necessary products are sourced to deliver the concept design. All graphics required are produced and quality checked in-house by our printed media specialist.

Custom Fabrication

If there are any custom components required by the stand design iDeal Displays will manage and assess all custom fabrication typically 30 – 45 days in advance of the Event.

Build Inspection

Approximately 10 days prior to the event the Ideal Displays team review the concept design and requirements and inspect all components to ensure all materials required for your stand are available and prepared for installation.

Shipping Manifest

The day prior to transportation, a checklist of all stand components is completed to ensure that every element is available. The checklist is then used as a loading manifest for transportation.


Exhibition Stand Build


Build time for an exhibition or event can vary dramatically, the iDeal Displays event team will gain access to the venue as soon as authorised to commence the stand build.

Transportation is unloaded and all materials are checked for transportation damage. Once unloading and inspections are completed, the event team commence with the creation of the stand to the specification provided.

With the build elements completed, the stand is inspected by theiDeal Displays project manager to produce a “snagging list” to be completed prior to stand sign-off.

Upon completion of the above the Project Manager will hand over the finished stand, if there are any elements that have not been catered for, the Project Manager will arrange (where possible) for modifications to be made at your request.

All packaging and equipment not required will be loaded into vehicles and removed from site until the breakdown of the event.
Exhibition Stand Build Example


Where possible, a member of the iDeal Displays team will be in attendance to assist with any “last minute” issues identified.
Post event review


Post Event, iDeal displays will return to site and dismantle and remove the stand and transport for storage. If required, the iDeal Displays event team will assist with de-merchandising the stand at the beginning of the breakdown.

Note: All client equipment is fully insured while in the possession of iDeal Displays


iDeal Displays have years of experience managing exhibition stand builds and we provide this service for direct customers and on behalf of creative agencies. If you are considering exhibiting and want a stress free event just get in touch and let us manage it for you
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